Coworking overseas? These locations make work fun!

They say that adventure makes you stronger and smarter. And for entrepreneurs and digital nomads interested in personal and professional development, travel is the most exciting and expansive route for learning.

From connecting with different cultures to adopting new ways of living, exploring the world expands our capacity for growth, decision making and exploring the most mysterious terrain of all – your own inner landscape.


But for those looking to integrate work and travel as part of a location independent lifestyle, we have particular and rather acute needs. We need to find the most appropriate city that matches all of our professional and personal development criteria, all while taking in the sights and local culture.

Looking to find an idyllic spot for coworking overseas that allows you to treat the world as your playground, all while encouraging motivation and productivity? Here’s a few locations that are both creative hubs and great places to expand your personal and professional networks.

When compiling this list, we looked for:

+ Beautiful scenery

+ High-speed wifi

+ Cultural richness

+ Friendliness

+ Entrepreneurial community

+ Popularity amongst other digital nomads

+ Value

Of course, a simple Google search will reveal a wealth of coworking locations, particularly those in New York and LA. But we wanted to provide you with options to fuel your wanderlust away from the concrete jungles and English-speaking masses. Below, find our best #nofilter stunners and community hot spots for fully embracing the digital nomad life.

Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand

Affordable? Check. Culture? Check. Entrepreneurial support? Triple check! Coworking in Bangkok and Phuket have quickly become a popular choice for digital nomads looking to save money and live cheaply. An idyllic island with plenty of beaches, temples, waterfalls and rice paddies to wander, you might be apprehensive about your ability to combine adventure time with running your digital empire.

But Thailand is home to a variety of coworking spaces that suit a range of businesses and lifestyles, so you’ll be in good company if you pick the right one for your own working preferences and personal temperament. Those looking to focus on their work will find Hubba in Bangkok a comfortable place to work that encourages laser-lucid focus. If you want to surround yourself with other foreigners and a more social vibe, KoHub on Koh Lanta beach is a hot spot for other location independent professionals.

Barcelona, Madrid and Javea, Spain

Home to fine food, stunning landscapes and a thriving nightlife, Spain has become one of Europe’s top locations for coworking overseas. Between traversing its cinematic hiking trails, gaping at its incomparable cathedrals, and soaking up the sun-dappled shores of San Sebastian, you’ll find havens of coworking productivity. Given the recent economic conditions in Spain, freelancers – or autonomos as they’re known to the Spanish – make up a large part of the workforce. In fact, more than 70 people per day in Spain turn to freelancing, which has seen a huge rise in coworking offices. Spain’s coworking ecosystem features a variety of industry-specific offices, as well as a mish-mash of diverse freelancer homes. ImpactHub in Madrid is more tech-centric, while Betahaus in Barcelona attracts a lot creatives involved in the arts and design.

But if a retreat-like destination set amidst the eastern coast of Spain with numerous hiking trails and a community of travelling freelancers is more in line with your needs, Sun and Co in Javea offers a Mediterranean getaway with accommodation facilities.

Berlin, Germany

Unofficially the home of freelancing in Europe, Berlin is a supportive and social place for entrepreneurs and creatives. While some spaces are intimate and aligned with those who find too much activity distracting, other spots are thriving hubs for social animals, offering exhibition spaces, clown workshops, parties and vegan food. In a word: eclectic. While there’s too many for us to list, Betahaus in the trendy suburb of Kreuzberg is one of the largest and most social, housing about 200 residents and a café to refuel the masses. If you’re concerned about being distracted, cosier, more tight-knit spaces like Weserland and The Wostel , both in Neukölln, help freelancers get down to business within an innovative environment. And if you’re a writer, you’ll find that Blogfabrik’s write-for- rent payment model will work in your favour!


Now with a closer connection to the European Union, the Czech Republic’s economy is moving towards more Westernised ideals. This has seen a recent increase in entrepreneurial activity, and with it, coworking! Yet while the social conditions for collaboration and sharing within a capitalist framework aren’t yet well received by the entire workforce, there’s still pockets for entrepreneurs to connect, grow and prosper.

When you need a break from traversing The City of Spires’ castles, bridges, museums and beer gardens, settle down for a date with your laptop at one of Prague’s coworking offices. There’s less than 15 to choose from, which could be a plus for those overwhelmed by other cities’ more thriving start-up atmospheres.

There’s Coffice, open since 2009, with workstations bathed in morning sunlight. Locus Workspace is an English-speaking coworking space and home to mostly male programmers, but also hosts a variety of digital nomads doing their best work. Interestingly, they’re currently offering a fellowship for creative women to help lower the financial barrier to entry. And for those in need of business support at the start of their journey, Coworking Space Krizovatka is specifically designed for expats in Prague. They offer business resources for freelancers and startups, from mentoring, to financial and legal advice. The space wants to be known as a vital resource and support centre for start-ups and solo workers, making it a unique community in an unlikely location.

Whether you’re looking to relocate or find the perfect formula for balancing fun and productivity, coworking overseas is the best way to expand your business and your personal life. Take advantage of the international coworking community – the experience will change your life, and your business too.