About us

Who we are and what we’re setting out to achieve.

Who we are

CoFinder is Australia’s free coworking space finder. We’re for any individual or organisation that needs to search, compare and choose a professional shared workspace.

We’ve designed our online marketplace to encourage community first. Our approach to connect like-minded individuals and organisations with the right space, quickly and simply.

And best of all? It’s a free, no sign-up service. So forget stuffy corporate buildings and cramped home offices. There’s a better way to work. And we want to show you.


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What we’re about

Coworking spaces have helped everyone from entrepreneurs, small business and large corporates discover a new way of working. And the trend is accelerating in Australia, with coworking growing 62% in 2017.

Why this new way? We believe it’s because coworking is a more collaborative way to work. It fosters communication and cooperation with members. In these spaces, great ideas grow.

That’s why we’re here to help people discover their ideal workspace. We want Australia’s coworking ecosystem to develop strong and thriving communities. And we can finally say goodbye to dreary offices, once and for all.

Who uses us?


  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small business owners
  • Event coordinators
  • Incubators
  • Corporate professionals

Our story

Launching in 2018, CoFinder’s mission is to connect professionals with a space that will inspire them to do their best work. So we set out to create an easy way for anyone to discover coworking and its benefits.

As coworking has gone from a trend to a movement, the number of coworking spaces has also grown. Exponentially. And while more options have meant better spaces, it has also made finding and selecting a space more difficult.

That’s why we started CoFinder. It’s the place for all people and organisations to search, compare and discover the right space for them, at a location that works.

How does it work?

For individuals and organisations

  • Browse – Sort by space location and type.
  • Compare – See and compare features and amenities.
  • Select – Choose a space that meets your needs.

Find a space

For listings and spaces

  • Add listing – Add your space to our directory and be listed by location.
  • Update profile – Include rich imagery and information to your profile.
  • Get enquiries – Be sent new, genuine and qualified enquiries for your space.

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Get in touch

Want to find out more about us? Have more questions to ask? Then get in touch with us at connect@confinder.com.au